Friday 17th of February 2017, 9 PM

Vels Trio – A Night Of Improv

Three young experimental jazz musicians born out of collective obsession, emotion and improvisation to sculpt contagiously frenetic compositions.

Channelling ingrained deep grooves, progressive soundscapes and contemporary hip hop productions – Vels Trio synthesise their mutual loves to challenge the psyche of not only the seasoned Jazz lover, but hyperactively engaging the ever-growing ‘generation now’ of curious, broadminded and savvy music lovers.

For this night Vels Trio will be doing a jam session that incorporates all of their influences, from 60s jazz and 70s fusion to the hip hop sounds of J Dilla and Madlib.


Price: Free
Friday 24th of February 2017, 9 PM

Not Strictly Jazz with King Knut & San Moritzz

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Saturday 25th of February 2017, 9 PM

Learn & grow

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Sunday 26th of February 2017, 7 PM

Fran & Flora + Sam Beste

Price: £6 Buy tickets

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