Wednesday 8th of June 2016, 7.30 PM

William Rees & Special Guest (Sarathy Korwar – Ninja Tune Records)

William Rees is a composer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in London. Having spent six years in India studying Hindustani classical music on the sarod, as well as being classically trained on the viola, Rees has a keen understanding of both Indian and Western classical music. Rees’ music is an esoteric blend of his disparate influences, ranging from Indian and Persian music, to modern composition and free improvisation. He released a cassette of solo viola compositions on Night Ritual Recordings in 2013, entitled A Burial Shroud. His most recent release was a split cassette under the Curling Hands moniker for Skell Records.

Chilled, resonating strings ebb and flow in a swarm of distant beauty. Imagine Bad Seed/Dirty Three Warren Ellis playing a noise showcase in a familiar basement and you’re mostly there. It’s a moving piece of gritted transcendence.” – Secret Decoder

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Tuesday 28th of May 2024, 7.30 PM


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Wednesday 29th of May 2024, 7.30 PM

TIMEA + Ted Tarling

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Thursday 30th of May 2024, 7.30 PM

PM Warson with Denver Cuss

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