Monday 30th of October 2023, 7.30 PM

XYZ123 Presents Nikodimos

Nikodimos is a Greek-Australian multi-instrumentalist artist from Naarm (Melbourne). He lives and breathes music – whether it is for his own projects, collaborating with others or simply picking up an instrument, Nikodimos’ technicoloured essence is unmistakable the moment he touches sound. He is set for the release of his next album ‘What Colour is the End?’ which will be released via Berlin based label XYZ123 (The Orchard/Sony).

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Collaborating on a global scale, Nikodimos has graced stages and worked alongside esteemed artists such as Eddie Chacon (US), John Carrol Kirby (US), Wayne Snow (BER), Tikogo (Erykah Badu) (BER), 1300 (AUS/STH KOREA), Lee Scott (UK), Sonny Jim (UK), Jehst (UK), Nelson Dialect (AUS/UK), Morriarchi (UK), and Ricewine (AUS/THAILAND), among others.

Prepare to be captivated by Nikodimos’ immersive live performances, where he takes the stage with a dynamic band, showcasing his original material. With a lineup featuring violin, drums, vocals, piano, guitar, and bass, Nikodimos’ infectious energy radiates as he effortlessly weaves his magic on woodwinds and keys. For larger and more unconventional spaces, he commands a 12-piece orchestra, captivating audiences with his profound and spiritual compositions. And when he goes solo, Nikodimos creates an electrifying experience, blending multiple instruments with live improvised beats that invigorate and energize any crowd.

Not limited to his solo endeavors, Nikodimos’ versatility shines through as he plays and tours with various acts such as Proto Moro (Electrified Woodwind), Komang (Keys and Saxophone), Horatio Luna (Electrified Woodwind), Kuzich (Electrified Woodwind and Vocals), and Finn Irregular (Electrified Woodwind). These diverse experiences infuse his production work and solo material with an abundance of inspiration and creativity. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that pushes boundaries while invoking a timeless quality.

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