Monday 10th of September 2018, 7.30 PM


YOSSARIAN are the London-based multinational collective formed by trio Ash Spencer, Joaquin Rodriguez San Pedro and Sam Wallace. Over the past two years they’ve been touring Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and the UK, promoting their two acclaimed albums, ‘THE LITTLE WE KNOW’ and ‘LIGHT UP MY HEAD’, which showcased their ability to create brooding, driving yet melancholic and expansive alt-rock that blends the Brooklyn sound with their international sensibilities. They now return with their third crowd-funded album ALL THESE FICTIONS, which builds upon the sonic foundations they’ve laid so far by taking their distinctive sound to new heights, exploring and challenging their own assumptions every step of the way. With various shades of introspection contrasted by some of their most euphoric moments to date, ‘ALL THESE FICTIONS’ is a statement release from YOSSARIAN. On September 10th they’ll be showcasing the first single from ‘ALL THESE FICTIONS’, at the Servant Jazz Quarters.


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