Thursday 13th of October 2022, 8PM

Yu Lin Humm + Ivan Muela

An intimate solo performance from Yu Lin Humm.

Islas Resonantes is Yu Lin Humm’s first solo debut album. The music

was composed during a travel that Yu Lin took along the Orinoco River,

the natural border between Colombia and Venezuela, until the

Mavecure mountains – an ancient formation which radiates mysterious


Water knows no borders, we are all made of water.

Our bodies are in constant resonance, within our inner

space and with the external environment at the same time.

The inner sound is created by three internal centres – guts, heart and mind.

Those frequencies resonate in our electromagnetic field and

beyond.This field is a resonant space, where each action, thought,

emotion, is information that travels from our body to the surroundings

and has a constant impact to the environment.

Inspired by the Orinoco waters, the music of Islas Resonantes is

in perpetual movement, carving spaces, softening the hardest stones.

Music moves like water. It dwells inside and outside of us, manifesting itself in visible an

invisible ways, constantly changing.

Islas Resonantes is an exploration of this infinite correspondence.

Ivan Muela

Iván Muela is a Spanish composer and sound artist based in London. He has released a number of albums and EP’s under labels such as Fluttery Records and Rusted Tone Recordings, in which he explores the seams between classical and experimental music. 

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